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Are you slipping on your walkways?

Your walkways leading up to your house and around your property are exposed to the elements 365 days of the year.

Dirty Driveway

Walkways that become slippery

Walkways that are in shaded areas become slippery with green slime and dirt.

Are Dangerous

In the Pacific Northwest climate, our walkways are often damp or wet. Combine that with the notorious green slime leads to a dangerous slipping hazard.

driveway with clean stripe
driveways curb with moss before and after pressure washing

Protect your family and friends

SqueeGee Power Wash uses a combination of pressure and eco-friendly cleaning agents to restore your walkways to a non-hazardous state.

environmentally friendly globe with plants and water drops

by cleaning your walkway.

Our cleaning products are environmentally safe and will not harm your home, pets or the surrounding plant life.