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Are you proud of your Patio areas?

Your outdoor entertainment areas are a source of pride for many home owners. They are a great area for friends and family to gather to make many new memories.

Dirty Driveway

Patios collect dirt

Patios in the Pacific Northwest gather dirt at an amazing rate. Your once pristine entertainment area becomes dull with the effects of the weather.

Reclaim your Outdoor Areas

SqueeGee Power Wash can reclaim your outdoor entertainment areas, regardless of the type of surface. Slate, concrete, paving stones, interlocking bricks or natural garden stone.

driveway with clean stripe
driveways curb with moss before and after pressure washing

Enjoy your outdoor life with

SqueeGee Power Wash uses a combination of pressure and eco-friendly cleaning agents to restore your outdoor entertainment areas to a condition that you can be proud to share with your friends and family.

environmentally friendly globe with plants and water drops

your family and friends.

Our cleaning products are environmentally safe and will not harm your home, pets or the surrounding plant life.