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There are many other areas of your property that can benefit from a good cleaning. SqueeGee Power Wash offers a comprehensive list of services to meet all your needs. If you don't see your target cleaning item listed on our convenient Get A Free Quote form, just ask.

Outdoor Furniture?

Your outdoor furniture gathers the same amount of slime and grime as your house and deck. Cleaning them can be tedious. Your furniture may be made of teak, cedar, plastic or rattan, it doen't matter. Let SqueeGee Power Wash ease the burden.

plastic outdoor table and chairs covered with leaves
Wood gazebo in wooden areas


Do you have a gazebo or a standalone covered entertainment area? Let SqueeGee Power Wash prepare the area for your season of relaxing and entertaining.

Swimming Pool Area?

If you have ever seen how cardboard absorbs a drip of oil, you will understand how composite decking absorbs spills, it goes in beneath the surface but still it is visible and that is what makes cleaning tough.

swimming pool deck area with furniture
environmentally friendly globe with plants and water drops

Eco-Safe Cleaners for all Surfaces

SqueeGee Power Wash uses only Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions that will not harm your family, your pets, your property or your landscaping.