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Has your Deck or Fence changed color?

Over time, the wood on our decks and fences fade from their original bright color to a dull or gray color.

Wood needs to be sealed to be protected from the elements. In the Pacific Northwest a good deck and fence seal will keep your deck or fence looking good for 2 to 3 years.

Dirty Driveway

Don't panic

Your decks and fences can be generally be restored by our wood restoration experts at SqueeGee Power Wash.

Decks and Fences can be restored

Most wood surfaces can be cleaned, repaired and resealed. If your deck has been painted, then maybe it just needs a good clean using our Eco-Friendly cleaning products and a soft wash.

driveway with clean stripe
pressure washing stone

First we clean and repair,

Our professionals will first clean with our Eco-Safe cleaning solutions and we repair your deck where needed. We look for areas of rot or extensive damage and replace that wood.

environmentally friendly globe with plants and water drops

then we stain and reseal.

After allowing your decks and fences to dry, we will return and reseal your decks and fences. This will keep your property looking good for at least two years.