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Are Composite Decks Maintenance Free?

Composite decks were supposed to be maintenance free and last forever, that's why everybody spent the extra money on composite decking instead of a traditional wood deck.

Now it seems that we been "had" , they do get dirty, mold spots show up all over the deck like a case of the measles and anything that drips or spills on the deck, like sun tan lotion, grease, food, food condiments, etc leaves a stain that doesn't wipe off.

Note: If your composite decking is cracked or damaged, please check out the recall notice.

What is composite decking?

Composite decking is nothing more than compressed wood pulp (saw dust) which is usually mixed with recycled plastic to give it some stability.

Composite Deck Types
composite deck with fungus spots

How can it get so dirty?

Mold needs an organic food source to survive and the wood pulp serves that purpose, so mold will grow on composite decking just as it would on a wood deck

Just like a Pizza Box!

If you have ever seen how cardboard absorbs a drip of oil, you will understand how composite decking absorbs spills, it goes in beneath the surface but still it is visible and that is what makes cleaning tough.

pressure washed composite deck
environmentally friendly globe with plants and water drops

Special Cleaners for Composite Decks

SqueeGee Power Wash uses a special cleaning formulation made just for Composite Decks. The product is eco-friendly and will remove those deep stains leaving your deck looking brand new.