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Small Business Packages

dirty VW Bug in front of run down shop

Your Image is Everything!

As a small business, the first things a customer sees is your parking area and your business entrance. If these areas are dirty, that may be the last time you see that customer.

SqueeGee Power Wash can help you keep your customers happy and coming back time and time again We take pride in helping local small businesses grow.

Keep your Customers

SqueeGee Power Wash can help you keep your customers impressed with a regular cleaning service that will keep your customers first impressions sparkling.

Composite Deck Types
composite deck with fungus spots

Coming back

A clean and inviting shop front will open your doors to more walk-by customers.

Time and Time Again

Once you've got a customer. It is cheaper to keep them happy then to get a new customer. Small things like a clean parking area and store front count.

pressure washed composite deck
environmentally friendly globe with plants and water drops

Special Packages for Small Business

SqueeGee Power Wash offers a regular cleaning package for your peace of mind. You won't have to wonder if your customers are walking out the door for the last time.