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About SqueeGee Power Wash

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Locally Owned & Operated

SqueeGee Power Wash is a locally owned and operated company licensed as a business in Portland, Oregon.

We serve the greater Portland metropolitan area, including the areas of Forest Grove, St. Helens, Sherwood, Woodburn and Sandy. We are centrally located in Multnomah Village.

We specialize in exterior cleaning services for both residential and small business customers.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

SqueeGee Power Wash is licensed as a Residential Contractor by the Oregon CCB. Click on our license number below for a link directly to the Oregon CCB website. We carry a $10,000 bond as well as liability insurance.

Contact Details

Office:7415 SW 37th Ave, Portland, OR 97219
Hours:7 AM to 7 PM Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 4 PM Sat
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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

SqueeGee Power Wash uses only highly effective eco-friendly specialty cleaning solutions formulated for each particular cleaning task. There are no chemical odors or fumes. The solutions will not harm plants or grass and it's safe to use over water, it biodegrades very rapidly only hours after use. The solutions will not harm people or pets, nor will they stain other surfaces.